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Paul Nguyen, Certified Consulting HypnotistHi, and thank you for visiting! I'm Paul Nguyen, Certified Consulting Hypnotist and founder of Moodstreams. I am based in eastern Massachusetts, performing personal hypnosis sessions for clients residing throughout New England. I conduct one-on-one appointments at my office in Acton, MA and I am also available to perform house calls in Metrowest Boston. I create all of the soundtracks that you can purchase here at

Hypnosis can help you to relieve stress, sleep better, stop overeating, quit smoking, gain confidence, improve your athletics, prepare for exams, find lost items, remove irrational fears, and more! It's safe, effective, enjoyable, and most of all RELAXING. Many people who have experienced hypnosis say it's the most relaxed they've ever felt.

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Interested in experiencing hypnosis for yourself? Contact me personally, or read more about hypnosis. A hypnosis session with me is casual and fun, and my goal is to have you feel comfortable about the whole process. The majority of issues require no more than a few sessions, and people often report noticeable changes in their lifestyle and emotional state after just one session.

Call toll-free: 1-888-757-8597

Rate information for new clients:

Most issues that I work with are handled as multi-session programs. I don't believe in "one and done". The greatest chance of success comes from my ability to make sure that all of your mental and emotional roadblocks have been removed, and to be able to reinforce the changes that are happening. This requires some time, patience, and an understanding between you and me that we are both giving it 100%, and we will only accept success as a final outcome.

$120 for each 90 minute session, with a three session minimum commitment for most issues. After completing 3 sessions, the rate lowers to $100 per session for all subsequent sessions. Please call me for details.

More information on some common hypnosis programs:

What clients have said about my services:

"I'm grateful for the gift that Paul has offered through hypnosis. His approach rings so true to me because it is about the whole person. After years of trying just to lose 1 or 2 pounds, I was able to effortlessly lose 11 pounds without feeling deprived or upset in any way. I'm amazed. The weight is still constant after 9 months. Now that this is out of my way, I am able to work on other aspects of myself. I'm looking forward to working with Paul for further self-improvement as he is a compassionate facilitator whom offers safety and helpfulness willingly and cheerfully."  -R.O.

"I have received so much more than I could ever have anticipated, especially the benefit of having a way to work on other challenges that come my way. My attitude has been positive and I am reaching out to others in a different way which is making me much happier. I have never ever experienced anything like this lifestyle change before and I am thrilled."  -S.P.

"Today was such a gift. Thank you for your generosity with your time and your sensitivity to the powerful work that was being accomplished today. I am delighted with our session. I'm sure the sessions will continue to impact me positively in ways I haven't even imagined."  -J.H.

"I am no longer shy! I have been speaking to strangers when shopping. I've never have really done that before. I was always hiding. Nice changes! Thank you!"  -L.S.

"I am happy to tell you that I am still not smoking and really havent had any urges or setbacks; some days I dont even think about it. Thank you for all your help! I truly appreciate all you have done for me."  -B.P.

Call toll-free: 1-888-757-8597

I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and received my professional hypnosis training from Jerry Valley and Tom Vitale. I have additional professional background in biology, neuroscience, and biotechnology, and over ten years of experience in audio production.

Looking for a hypnotist in your home area? Contact the National Guild of Hypnotists for a list of local consulting hypnotists.

For acupuncture, nutrition, bodywork, and maternal care, visit Assabet Valley Natural Health.

Why I created Moodstreams

Moodstreams was founded with the goal of helping people to utilize their own amazing, innate ability to heal themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are born with incredible healing powers, but the trouble is that in the busy, accelerated modern world, it is all too easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life, and we deprive ourselves of the rest and relaxation time we need to mend our minds and bodies. We face continual pressure from society, our jobs, our families, and all manner of other sources, which creates constant stress in our lives. Stress, when dealt with in small quantities, can be healthy. It can be a source of motivation for us, encouraging us to excel at what we do. But when stress becomes constant and nagging, and starts to overwhelm us in every part of our daily lives, that is when it becomes dangerous. The equilibrium of the mind and body are upset, impairing our natural ability to keep our bodies running like the finely tuned machines that they were designed to be, making us more susceptible to illness. Meanwhile, the mind searches for ways to cope with the stress, which can lead to unhealthy habits like overeating and smoking, which cause further detriment to the body. We can quickly get stuck in a rut of dependence on these bad habits, while providing no lasting relief for the stress that started it all in the first place.

So how do we break the cycle? Effective, healthy methods of managing stress include making time in your day to actively practice relaxation techniques, meditation, or self-hypnosis, or experiencing hypnosis under the guidance of a hypnotist. And while relaxed in hypnosis or self-hypnosis, beneficial suggestions can re-train your mind to break old, unwanted habits and remove irrational fears and insecurities. All of these techniques prepare you to face the world with greater confidence than ever before, and you will notice profound positive changes in your health and mental state. Learn more about managing stress with easy relaxation techniques.

In my private practice as a clinical hypnotist, I emphasize relaxation and stress management as the cornerstone of all transformation and recovery. A calm, relaxed, confident individual is one who is generally free from bad habits, obsessions, compulsions, and anxieties, and is also more likely to be in good physical health, with lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system. So whether you seek hypnosis from me to stop smoking, improve your memory, eat less junk food, or gain confidence, I believe the first step of my job is teaching you how to reduce your stress in all situations.

The soundtracks I created for Moodstreams are meant to serve as tools to aid in your personal practice of relaxation, meditation, or self-hypnosis, and can also be used by hypnosis professionals during sessions with clients. My goal is to offer a range of soundtrack styles to suit different needs, from pure, ambient nature recordings that provide a soothing sonic background, to brainwave entrainment sessions that utilize modern psychoacoustic principles to synchronize your brainwaves to desired frequencies, to completely self-contained hypnosis sessions where I, as your "virtual hypnotist", deliver beneficial suggestions to you while you relax.

Stay calm and have fun. You'll be amazed at how much your life will change if you just spend a little time each day in a state of blissful relaxation.

Call toll-free: 1-888-757-8597

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