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Using dental electric suction machine to ensure the safety of doctors patients

2020-07-24 14:07:24

Dental electric aspirator system is one of the most important equipment to meet the needs of high quality dental treatment environment. As the pioneer of dental suction system, we can create a healthy environment for doctors patients.

Dental electric aspirator

The characteristics of negative pressure suction system in medical dentistry are as follows

1. It can reduce the demand for compressed air, thus improving the efficiency service life of the compressor.

2, the 99% "spray cloud" that has been sucked has created a good line of vision for doctors, medical staff can carry out their work more confidently.

3. It can purify the ambient air in the clinic protect the health of doctors, nurses patients better. It is an essential equipment to prevent cross infection environmental sanitation in the clinic.

4. It reduces the swallowing reaction of patients, reduces the times of spitting, increases the comfort of patients, improves the work efficiency of doctors.

5. All the exhaust gas pumped into dental aspirator will be filtered by air filter then discharged to the outdoor.

In order to meet the extremely high clinical treatment requirements, the dental electric suction machine can guarantee the perfect suction power at any time, regardless of the wastewater, saliva, blood, dentin various filling materials (such as ceramic, plastic precious metal materials). In dental treatment, the "aerosol cloud" caused by the cooling water of modern high-speed rotating instruments will diffuse to the whole clinic (the "fog cloud" contains various microorganisms, bacteria viruses). In order to effectively reduce the infection risk caused by this ensure the safety of doctors patients, the use of dental suction system will effectively reduce the risk of infection.




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