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The National Project Office of the National Childrens oral disease comprehensive intervention project organized a survey in Hainan

2020-06-11 10:25:08

In order to understand the progress, experience existing problems of the national comprehensive intervention program for children's oral diseases, promote the smooth development of the project. On December 12, 2019, the national project office organized personnel to investigate the project implementation in Longhua District, Hainan Province. Chen Ming, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Chinese stomatology Association, Liu xuenan, deputy director of national project office, Professor Feng Xiping of national technical guidance group chief physician of Si Yan participated in the investigation. The research group listened to the reports on the progress of the projects at the provincial level Longhua District, consulted the documents files, held discussions with relevant personnel. The operation process of pit fissure sealing in Hainan stomatological hospital was checked, the sealing quality the effect of oral health education were evaluated in No.26 primary school. Finally, the national research group gave feedback to Hainan Province on the spot.

Chinese Stomatological Association weekly report No.46, 2019



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