What is Moodstreams?

Moodstreams is a small business, founded by Consulting Hypnotist Paul Nguyen, dedicated to helping people relieve stress and achieve personal transformation. We have created the highest quality soundtracks for relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis. Our soundtracks are for personal use, or for hypnosis professionals and practitioners of the healing arts to use with clients. Moodstreams offers one-on-one hypnosis sessions for issues related to stress, habit removal, anxiety, and more.

Our Soundtracks

We have four main categories of soundtracks:

  • Pure nature recordings from half-an-hour to over an hour long, for simple relaxation or meditation.
  • “Meditation Getaways” guided meditations featuring nature sounds. Based on the popular podcast series, these meditations are available here as MP3 downloads, either individually or as a complete collection. They are guided imagery sessions designed for relaxation, inner healing, and strengthening creativity. Unlike the podcast, the retail versions contain no ads or promotion; just pure full-length meditations.
  • Brainwave entertainment sessions incorporating psycho acoustic principles to help your mind reach desired states. These sessions include timed pulses, or “beats”, embedded in the sound that synchronize your brainwaves to specific frequencies, like alpha, theta, or delta. They can be used with Audio Strobe-compatible “light and sound” devices. Brainwave entertainment is not for everyone
  • Complete hypnosis sessions for specific common issues, like weight management, stress, and smoking. These sessions include a hypnotist’s voice as well as brainwave entertainment for a complete “virtual hypnosis” experience. These sessions can also be used with Audio Strobe-compatible “light and sound” devices.

Why Doesn’t the Online Store Sell CDs Anymore?

In October 2009, the online store switched entirely to selling MP3 downloads for two main reasons 1) MP3s had been outselling CDs by such a wide margin over the last two years- thanks to lower cost, immediate digital delivery, and customers’ personal listening preferences – that it wasn’t worth maintaining an inventory of CDs anymore. 2) We’d been wanting to go green for a long time! Downloadable MP3s generate no waste from plastic or packaging materials, which, in the long run, benefits the earth that has created the wonderful sounds we’ve recorded.

Nature Recordings

Our beautiful nature soundtracks are recorded and produced using the latest digital equipment for pristine audio quality. Sounds of the wilderness are captured on location using stereo microphones and a 24-bit recorder, and are then edited using a digital studio. This ensures a life-like listening experience for you. Our nature soundtracks are recorded in remote wilderness locations, free from distracting man-made noises like traffic and airplanes. The high quality of these recordings will make you feel as though you are right there in the midst of nature.


The billions of neurons, or brain cells, that make up your brain are constantly communicating with each other using electrical impulses. When summed together, the electrical activity of the brain at any given time is cyclical in nature, ebbing and flowing in “waves”. Brainwaves can be categorized into several major types with characteristic frequency ranges, and while there are measurable levels of all brainwave types in a person’s brain at once, there is usually one dominant brainwave type. A person’s mental state or level of activity corresponds with a particular dominant brainwave type. For instance, a person who is sitting still and is deeply relaxed has a different characteristic brainwave pattern, with a lower frequency, than a person who is active and alert. This chart shows the major brainwave types, their frequencies, and their corresponding mental states.

Brainwave Type Frequency Mental States
BETA 13-40 Hz
Wide awake and alert. This is the state you are in for most of the day when you are awake, and especially when you are active, attentive, anxious, or stressed.
ALPHA 8-12 Hz
Calm and lightly relaxed. Simply closing your eyes can cause the brain to produce alpha waves. This is the state you are in just before bedtime, and right after you wake up in the morning. It is also the state the brain enters when visualizing or daydreaming. It is a favorable state for light meditation. The mind is more receptive to suggestions in this state, which also makes it a favorable state for hypnosis.
THETA 4-7 Hz
Deeply relaxed, or sleeping lightly. Your mind enters this state when you are experiencing dreams during sleep, and also during deep meditation and hypnosis. This state is characterized by spontaneous vivid imagery, and extreme receptivity to suggestions.
DELTA 0.2-3 Hz
Deep, dreamless sleep. You mind is in this state in the middle of the night, and you are completely unconscious.

Brainwave Entertainment

Since different mental states are associated with specific brainwave types, stimulating the brain to produce brainwaves of a certain frequency can be an effective way of coaxing the mind into a desired state. When the brain is exposed to an external rhythmic stimulus in the form of evenly spaced pulses of sound and/or light, it tends to respond by producing a pattern of electrical impulses that follows the rhythm of the external stimulus. Brainwave entertainment is the process of presenting a pattern of pulses that matches the frequency of one of the brain’s naturally produced brainwave types over a period of time, thus causing the brain to synchronize its brainwave activity to that frequency and evoking the associated mental state. For instance, a 6 Hz pattern of sound pulses presented over time would eventually cause the brain to produce theta waves, resulting in a deeply relaxed state favorable for deep meditation or hypnosis. The same concept can be applied to almost all mental states. It usually requires at least five minutes of continuous exposure to the rhythmic stimulus for brainwave entertainment to occur.

Moodstreams brainwave entertainment soundtracks have pulses of sound embedded in them. You can hear the pulses if you listen closely, and some soundtracks have more noticeable entertainment than others. The frequency of the pulses changes gradually during the course of the listening session, guiding your mind to the desired state. Our brainwave entertainment can be used with Audio strobe-compatible light-and-sound devices for optical stimulation in addition to sonic stimulation. Brainwave entertainment is also found in our hypnosis recordings. Brainwave entertainment is not for everyone

Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to any soundtrack that includes brainwave entertainment.

What is a Light-and-Sound Device?

These are brainwave entertainment devices that include headphones and a pair of LED glasses. The glasses produce flashes of light that match the pulses of sound coming through the headphones, so that stimulation is simultaneously aural and optical. It is a very effective and enjoyable method of brainwave entertainment. Audio Strobe is one type of technology used by light-and-sound devices, in which an incoming audio track is embedded with inaudible signals that control the LED glasses. All Moodstreams brainwave entertainment and hypnosis soundtracks will work with Audio Strobe-compatible light-and-sound devices.


Meditation takes on many forms, from secular to spiritual. It is a practice by which one bypasses the conscious, rational mind and enters the realm of the subconscious mind, reaching profound levels of awareness and relaxation. While it is a component of nearly all spiritual faiths, it also commonly practiced by people who are simply seeking the health and mental benefits of extreme relaxation. It generally involves focusing one’s attention on a point of reference, such as a candle flame, an image, one’s own breathing, or a sound, while remaining undistracted by mental clutter and external disturbances. After a time, the mind enters a different state of consciousness. It is a state of mind that is similar to hypnosis (see below), in which the brain produces alpha or theta brainwaves. The goals of meditation include achieving a higher awareness of yourself or the universe, greater focus, increased creativity, and mental tranquility.

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Meditation empowers you to increase your self-value. Find out how meditation can build self-esteem for victims of abuse.

Here’s another good site that offers a free a 100% natural method of meditation known as Conscious Mental Rest . It is free of any trappings and is suitable for anyone.

Moodstreams nature soundtracks and brainwave entertainment sessions with alpha or theta stimulation provide ideal background sound for meditation. You can meditate by focusing directly on the soundtrack, or simply using it to block out external distractions while you focus on your chosen point of reference.


Hypnosis is a healthy, enjoyable state of mind, like daydreaming, in which you are very receptive to beneficial suggestions. It is generally accompanied by incredible feelings of relaxation, peace, and tranquility. Your brain is producing high levels of alpha and theta brainwaves while you are in this state of mind. Contrary to popular belief, you are not unconscious during hypnosis. You are fully aware of your surroundings, and your senses, in fact, become heightened, but you have the ability to not be disturbed or distracted. You will feel like you do first thing in the morning or just as you are falling asleep. Importantly, you are always in control during hypnosis, and you cannot be hypnotized against your own will. You can awaken at any time, and you can reject any suggestions that you feel are inappropriate. People experience hypnosis at varying depths, and even a light level of hypnosis is enough for most suggestions to be effective. The most important factor is your attitude. If you expect positive results and success, then that is what you will get. Almost everyone can be hypnotized to some degree, and repeated sessions and practice will result in a deeper level of hypnosis. No matter how deeply hypnotized you become, you will always remember everything from the session, and you can carry the beneficial suggestions and imagery into your normal, waking life. Hypnosis is normally used to break unwanted habits, remove fears, alleviate stress, and improve confidence. Hypnosis is above all a pleasant experience and very beneficial for your body and mind. Many people say it’s the most relaxed they have ever felt.

Paul Nguyen, owner of Moodstreams, offers private hypnosis sessions in the Boston, MA area.

Moodstreams hypnosis soundtracks, available from the catalog, are designed to provide a complete hypnosis experience in the comfort of your home and on your own time. They include brainwave entertainment.

What is the best way to listen to Moodstreams soundtracks?

Our pure nature recordings can be enjoyed any time, any place, and by anyone.

Soundtracks that include brainwave entertainment (including our hypnosis sessions) should only be listened to in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the soundtrack, because uninterrupted listening is necessary for entertainment to occur. Make sure you are comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Clear your mind as much as possible, remain still, and focus on the soundtrack to the best of your ability. For maximum effectiveness, headphones are recommended.

Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to any soundtrack that includes brainwave entertainment.

For hypnosis soundtracks, you should listen at least once a day for a minimum of 21 straight days, following the guidelines mentioned above for soundtracks that include brainwave entertainment, and you should notice effects. After that, you may listen to the hypnosis soundtrack as often as you like.

Brainwave Entertainment is NOT for everyone

Individuals who should not listen to soundtracks with brainwave entertainment include pregnant women, those who wear a pacemaker, and those who are epileptic or otherwise prone to seizures. Those who are under the influence of drugs or medication should consult a physician before listening to soundtracks with brainwave entertainment. Children under the age of 18 should be examined by a physician for epilepsy or seizures prior to listening to soundtracks with brainwave entertainment.