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Keranique – What Makes It Unique?

If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, you might need to use Keranique. It is a clinically-tested hair regrowth system suited for all women. But, what makes it unique?

The products of Keranique are made especially for those who have dual goal of imbuing the existing hair new health and fight against hair loss through promoting new growth. This product targets some beauty issues and these include lifeless, limp hair, shedding or general hair loss, pattern baldness, hair breakage, and thinning hair.

The largest selling point of Keranique reviews is that they use the FDA-approved hair growth for women. Minoxidil can optimize the hair growth cycle of women, thicken the hair shafts, and revitalize the hair follicles that might have shriveled because of the some factors including repeated dying, bleaching, pollutants, environment, decreasing Keratin amounts, and age.

The regrowth system of Keranique seals the hair shafts to mend up to ninety-six percent of the split ends. But, there is nothing you should worry about as this company does not use dyes, sulfates, and parabens. You may look for the Keranique products from its official website.

Condition, Cleanse, and Treat

Did you know that the clogged follicles may be the cause of the thinning hair? The three-step system of Keranique begins with the Scalp Simulating Shampoo. This shampoo basically cleanses the hair and scalp through getting rid of grime, dirt, pollutants, buildup, and excess oil from some products. Expect enhanced thickness and strength with continuing use. The peppermint oil increases the flow of blood to follicles to enhance the health of the hair shafts.

The nutrients in the shampoo repair current damage and add some volume to limp hair. The ginseng root extract guards against damage. The specifically-designed keratin amino acid complex thickens the existing hair and restores the cuticle fibers. With antioxidants and vitamins, the product is made to clean roots, follicles, hair, and scalp to make an ideal environment for beautiful and healthy hair.

The 2nd step can be done with Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, which is a cream-gel that works perfectly on fine, thin hair to promote dimension, body, volume, and shine. With some ingredients as the shampoo, the product fortifies and protects your cleaned hair. Keratin amino acid complex makes a barrier, which protects against moisture, humidity, and heat while ginseng root extract promotes volume and thickness.

Keranique provides customers the choice with step three. You have an option to promote regrowth or volume depending on your requirements. If you like thicker hair, select one from Amplifying Lift Spray and Follicle Boosting Serum. This serum adds volume, improves texture, and uses keratin amino acid complex to fix damage.

If you wish to regrow lost hair, the step 3 product is the hair regrowth treatment with the two percent Minoxidil. The serum is the answer for the women with spot baldness and thinning hair. Minoxidil promotes oxygen flow, blood, and nutrients to enhance the health of hair follicles. This products comes in an easy to apply and convenient spray and must be used twice daily.


New Studies Show More Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has a lot in common with psychotherapy compared to what meets the eye. Once done properly, both could have a lasting, profound effect on how you think, how you relate to some people, and how you feel.

Below are some of the most interesting studies about meditation:

  • Meditate Develops Mental Focus

Meditation can boost learning by developing mental focus, which is a skill that might come in handy for some activities that require sustained attention. Based on a study, psychology students who meditated before the lecture scored better on post-lecture quiz compared to the students who did not meditate. The effect was actually stronger in the classes with freshmen. This might be due to the reason that meditation was helpful for the students who had troubles paying attention in class. Such students are at risk to drop out, so some of them have made it to being upper class students. Meditation could help them be successful in the college course and in their careers in the future.

  • Meditation Promote Calmness

In a recent study, meditation has effects on how people like to feel. The feelings that people value often guide their behavior. For instance, people who value feeling calm can be motivated to take some actions like setting aside the block of quiet time, streamlining their schedules, and signing up for yoga classes. Mindfulness meditation teaches individuals to concentrate their awareness on an experience, accepting, and noticing it without judging it. In addition to that, compassion meditation teaches individuals to concentrate their mind on compassionate feelings and thoughts for all beings, enemies, and strangers.

  • Meditation Reduces Anxiety

Meditation can help quell stress and anxiety. There was a study that included a total of ninety-three individuals who have generalized anxiety disorder, which causes tension and exaggerates worry over various things even when there’s nothing or little to provoke it. Researchers assigned half participants to a program that is based on mindfulness and stress reduction. Some took part in a typical stress management class. After several weeks, the two groups were less anxious. But, the group of mindfulness showed greater reduction in anxiety and lesser reactivity to stress.

  • Meditation Fosters Compassion

The philosophy of Buddhism teaches that meditation could lead of better compassion. A study supports this kind of idea. The participants were assigned randomly to compassion meditation, mindfulness meditation or waiting list. After the 8-week study, each person was schedule to visit the lab for some tests. What the participants did not know was that this was a ruse. This situation was actually rigged so the waiting area had an empty chair only. When the participants sat down, actors using the crutches arrived, audibly sighing and visibly wincing in discomfort. No matter what the kind of meditation they practiced, the meditation professionals offer the sufferers their chair than those who are not meditators.

Meditation is very popular nowadays because of its exceptional benefits to one’s well-being. If you want to make most of these advantages, make sure to do the right meditation techniques and ask for professional assistance if possible if you don’t know where to get started.


Over stressed at Work? Here are the Ultimate Tips for Ultimate Relaxation

Have you ever experienced one of those days when you simply feel like hiding under a rock because your work has become too much to handle?

The modern world leaves people annoyed, grumpy, and worn out, making them feel totally exhausted at the end of the day. When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed from work, below are some useful tips to make you enjoy ultimate relaxation amidst this noisy and hectic world.

Indulge in Stress-Relieving Power Foods

When you feel overwhelmed, don’t head to your candy dish and instead, grab some healthy snacks with stress-relieving benefits. Foods like yogurt and avocadoes are healthy choices which can help decrease stress levels. Even though it is not advisable to rely on food to relieve stress, when you feel like grabbing some snacks, choose healthy foods with benefits of relaxation.

Laugh When You Can

As far as finding relaxation is concerned, laughter is and will always be among the best ways to get rid of stress. It doesn’t matter if you read an entertaining article or watch a funny video, inflicting some giggles to your day will definitely boost your mood. Laughter both has long term and short term perks which can eliminate your stress. A good laugh cools down stress response, promote muscle relaxation, and stimulate circulation. Laugher also helps you cope with challenging situations.

Bring Something in the Office That Makes You Feel Great

Many people have something like a comfortable sweater or pillow which offers them comfort every time they feel stressed out. For you to unwind during work days, you can bring an item from your home which makes you think of relaxation. Whether it is a picture of your family, your favorite mug, or your earphones, these things can remind you of staying relaxed during work days.

Schedule Stress Relief

People today have stressful workloads and hectic schedules but it doesn’t mean that you can no longer pitch in some time to relax. Schedule time weekly when you will drop your work and just focus on something you love and enjoy. It can be an evening once a week or 20 minutes of work day to get out of your cubicle. The best advantage of setting time for stress relief is that you can go back to work with a sharper mind and improved energy.

Look for a Support Group

There are instances when the best way to relieve yourself of stress is to discuss it with other people. Talking about stress out in the open can lift the burden off your shoulders and make you experience relaxation. It doesn’t matter if it is outside the office or at work, look for a group of coworkers or a friend with whom you can vent off some steam. Having a confidential group of people to whom you can share your challenges and ask for advice can definitely make you feel better. It can help you cope with stress with no negative effects on your personal life.

Trying to relax when you are working round the clock can be challenging, but it is perfectly doable. Follow these tips and be on your way to a more relaxed state of mind, body, and soul.



Experience the Powerful Advantages of Guided Relaxation and Meditation

People now live in this fast-paced and ever-changing world as they run in place and try to catch up with the changes at the same time. Each day, you face enormous challenges as you try to juggle family, career, relationships, and finances which can be very exhausting because it feels like you are running on empty-handed. Trying to keep up with the world’s hectic pace can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, the ultimate killjoys of life. Once stress and anxiety take their toll, you become disconnected, wired, out of control, and sometimes number with your self-esteem plummeting to new lows.

You become extremely mechanical, and you live in your head when in fact, you should be living from your heart.

So, how do you get away from this place of anxiety and stress? How will you restore balance and regain your innate life force to have a full and free life? The answer is none other than guided relaxation and meditation.

Cellular and Hormonal Effects of Meditation

Deep relaxation and guided meditation both offer a lot of amazing benefits on your hormones and your body, and these include the following:

  • Meditation can help in calming the adrenals, giving them the chance to rest and relieving them from excessive production of the stress hormone cortisol that has a negative impact on thyroid function and weight loss ability.
  • Meditation also slows down the brain wave activity as well as subdues stress while triggering HGH or human growth hormone at the same time. HGH also helps regulating your metabolism, stimulating fat cells to lower the amount of stored fats, promoting cells’ protein synthesis, and playing a vital role in blood sugar regulation.
  • Meditation can also eliminate the state of high alert in your endocrine system. The secretion of hormones becomes regulated, with all of your body’s hormonal systems, such as sex hormones, adrenals, and thyroid having the chance to get back to their balanced condition and give your soul the much needed restoration.
  • Both relaxation and meditation let your body rest properly, and this is when balance is restored and vitality is renewed throughout your whole body. This is not always what happens when you sleep. Also, meditation can improve your sleep’s quality as this can quell your mind’s endless babbling.
  • Meditation can decrease inflammation at cellular level which neutralizes acidosis and minimizes pain.
  • Meditation can alkalize your system as well, and balance out the acidity which has accrued due to the excessive activity of your analytical mind as well the fear-based thinking which produces stress hormones.

These are only some of the many exciting and powerful benefits of daily practice of guided relaxation and meditation. Deep relaxation and guided meditation will help you in training your brain to enjoy life, accept yourself, and slow down. So, reclaim your power and be in control of your life and yourself once again. After all, this is the most vital investment you can ever make in and for yourself.